Practical instructions on Habitat Establishment

It is possible to purchase native tree and shrub species of Irish provenance from nurseries. To ensure that what you are getting is Irish provenance always remember to ask for a Provenance Declaration Form. This form tells you the origin of the plant material and will guarantee that the material you have purchased is of Irish provenance.

It is important to be aware that much of the plant material available in your local garden centre is not likely to be sourced from Ireland.  Hawthorn and oak generally come from Holland and Hungary.  There are also non-native species substituted for native species such as narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) which is native to central and southern Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia and is often labelled or sold as common ash. Recently it has appeared on several road schemes and is a threat to the genetic integrity of indigenous Irish ash.  Variants of native species or indeed clones of native species are also sold e.g. Fraxinus excelsior Westhofs Glorie. There are many important reasons for selecting Irish provenance plant material. Please click on this link to access further information on this topic. It is most important to avoid using non-native or foreign provenance trees and shrubs in order to maintain the highest ecological standards and to maintain native genetic populations.