Local Authorities

Welcome to www.ecolandscapes.ie  The website aims to provide guidance on development sites, e.g. housing estates and road developments, which contain native habitats in order to maximise and enhance the protection of existing habitats, and enhancing the potential to create stepping stones and corridors for wildlife within the landscape, i.e. habitat connectivity.

Information is also provided on how to create suitable planting schemes to create wildlife habitats on brownfield sites, e.g. industrial estates.

Details of relevant legislation, policy and standards for the protection and management of native habitats and vegetative elements such as trees and hedgerows during construction is provided.

Vegetation clearance resulting in habitat loss is one of the main impacts which occurs as a result of new developments.  The timing of site clearance works and the sensitive removal of vegetation is critical in order to protect native mammals, bats and birds and minimise negative impacts on them.  
The strategic layout of street lighting is also necessary to avoid negative impacts of light pollution on wildlife.

In relation to landscape maintenance, best practice measures which maximise the development of sustainable long-term planting schemes which require minimal input and maintenance is also provided.