There is a range of national and European legislation and conventions governing the protection and/or conservation of species, habitats, networks of habitats and landscapes in Ireland.  Most of this legislation is aimed at conserving wildlife and their habitats while some is aimed at preserving trees and landscapes.

In terms of Irish and International legislation the following Acts, legal instruments or Directives are the most relevant:



National Biodiversity Plan

In addition to legislation, Irelands National Biodiversity Plan entitled Actions for Biodiversity 2011 to 2016 consists of 102 actions under a series of 7 Strategic Objectives on the conservation of biodiversity.  The objectives cover the conservation of biodiversity in the wider countryside.

Protected Sites

There are a range of designated sites in Ireland including Natural Heritage Areas (NHAs), Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs). For further details on protected sites in Ireland please click here