Landscape Designers & Contractors

Welcome to Eco Landscapes.

This website presents best practice guidance for landscape designers and contractors with respect to landscape planting projects using native species. It also provides guidance on habitat damage limitation and mitigation measures which aim to protect native wildlife, trees and habitats during site clearance and construction works.  

Guidance on how to retain and incorporate existing native habitats into the landscape design layout of proposed developments, and on the creation of new habitats is also presented.

In relation to habitat creation, practical information on how to create habitats, in particular, details of soil types that support the various native habitats as categorised in ‘A Guide to Habitats in Ireland’ (Fossitt, 2000) are explained along with the various Methods of Establishment.

In addition to Planting Schemes, more sustainable methods of establishment are described, including: Natural Recolonisation, Stripping of Soil, the translocation of Sods, Turves and Plugs, Hay Strewing and Brush Harvesting.  The use of soils, sods turves and plugs are particularly relevant where habitats are to be impacted by imminent development.