Best Practice

Best practice in relation to landscaping with native Irish species involves the use of Irish provenance seed or plants (trees, shrubs and ground flora). The source and method of establishment will depend on location, i.e. urban or rural, and the aims and objectives of the project.

In urban landscapes planting schemes are generally undertaken using plant material purchased from a nursery.  In contrast, in the rural environment there are generally more opportunities to utilise natural recolonisation and other more natural means of establishment.

Irish provenance material is generally guaranteed where natural recolonisation and the use of soils, sods, turves and plugs from a native habitat are utilised, for example, where seed harvesting is used to develop a semi-natural grassland.

Where seed or plants from a nursery is the preferred option, every effort should be made to acquire Irish provenance material and, where possible, local provenance material. The use of foreign provenance plant material should be avoided where possible.