Landscaping with Native Species

Welcome to  Eco Landscapes. This Irish eco-friendly website provides baseline information, primarily on how to create woodland habitats using native tree and shrub species in urban, semi-urban and rural locations.

Information is also provided on how to create ponds and native wildflower meadows/semi-natural grasslands and to encourage native wildlife.

A definitive list of native trees and shrubs is provided along with the rationale and benefits of using native trees and shrubs as opposed to non-native and foreign provenance planting stock in an effort to promote and create locally appropriate habitat types, which support and enhance native wildlife.

For schools and domestic gardens, the website provides information on how to create and enhance habitats for a range of native species including butterflies, dragonflies, common frog and song birds. 

More technical information on landscaping with native species is also provided for Local Authorities, Developers and Landscape Designers & Contractors on how to create or restore habitats during the planning, design and construction of developments and for nature conservation purposes.

This website has been developed by Ms. Lisa Dolan of Ecological Landscapes Design Consultants and Dr Declan Little of Woodlands of Ireland. Financial support, which is gratefully acknowledged was provided by the Heritage Council and Woodlands of Ireland.  The initiative is also supported by Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers.